Georgia Tech, School of Math (Hale Visiting Assistant Professor)

Email: hhuang 421 at gatech dot edu

I am a visiting assistant professor in School of Mathematics at Georgia Institute of Technology. My mentors are Konstantin Tikhomirov and Galyna Livshyts. In 2019, I received my Math Ph.D. from University of Michigan under the supervision of my advisor Mark Rudelson. In Fall 2022 I will be joining MIT as a postdoc.

CV (Aug 2021)

Publications & Preprints

  1. H. Huang and K. Tikhomirov, Average-case Analysis of the Gaussian Elimination with Partial Pivoting, submitted
  2. H. Huang and K. Tikhomirov, Shotgun Assembly of unlabeled Erdos-Renyi graphs, submitted.
  3. H. Huang and K. Tikhomirov, On Dimension-dependent concentration for convex Lipschitz continuous functions in product spaces, submitted.
  4. H. HuangRank of Sparse Bernoulli Matrices, submitted.
  5. J. Hao, H. Huang, G. Livshyts, and K. Tikhomirov, Distribution of the minimal distance of random linear codes, in revision process for IEEE Transactions on Information Theory. (The conference version is published on 2020 IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory (ISIT). )
  6. H. Huang and K. Tikhomirov, A remark on the smallest singular value of powers of Gaussian matrices, Electronic Communications in Probability.
  7. O. Giladi, H. Huang, C. Schütt, and E.M. Werner, Constrained convex bodies with extremal affine surface areas,
    Journal of Functional Analysis.
  8. H. Huang, and M. Rudelson, Size of nodal domains of the eigenvectors of a G (n, p) graph, Random Structures & Algorithms.
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